Should marijuana be legalized?

Sunday, November 4, 2007


At the beginning of my blog I just knew that I thought legalization of marijuana was a good thing. Through the course of my blog I have found that there are many reasons that legalization is a good thing. For example, it helps with Alzheimer's, Cancer, and AIDS. Many other people support legalizing marijuana, though there are many that don't. I haven't spoken much on the people who are against it, but there reasoning is that marijuana is a gateway drug, and that it is not beneficial to health. On of the most well organized arguments for the legalization of marijuana can be found at the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. This website has arguments that I have not covered. I have learned to consider the other side's arguments and understand that they have valid points but I still think that there are more pros than cons. I have also not used a emotion based appeal for the most part, although the beginning has more emotion in it than the end. It was my goal to stay strictly with facts and research that I have done. Marijuana is one of the most controversial issues today simply because both sides have valid points. The government is still seeing the side non-legalization but that will with time hopefully change. With all of the benefits of medical marijuana it is hard to think that the legalization of marijuana will not occur one day. Some states and even cities are already taking that step. I hope that through reading my blog I have been able to convince or at least persuade you to think about legalizing marijuana, I know for me writing the blog had been very informative and it is my wish that it has been the same for you.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Class

So as you may or may not know, I am doing this for a class project and there are some pretty awesome blogs out there. One of my personal favorites is another blog for the legalization of marijuana. He covers marijuana and legalization from a medical since as well. He covers some of the things that I don't and it's a very good read. Another very well written blog is about mainstreaming education. Though I do not necessarily agree with the stance the author takes the way that she presents her argument alone makes this blog worth the read. The author argues that if education is mainstreamed and special ed was done away with the students that would be in special ed would do better then they do now with the system as it is. A blog that also presents a well written argument is one that is for stem cell research. Reading this blog has helped me solidify my opinions on stem cell research. Through her arguments it is easy to see why stem cell research should be supported and the benefits that can come from it.