Should marijuana be legalized?

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Alzheimer's is an illness that is one of the most devastating in the world today. It is a terminal illness of the brain. An interesting fact that many people don't know is that marijuana can slow the effects of Alzheimer's. It can actually prevent some of the inflammation in the brain which causes the forgetfulness associated with Alzheimer's. Marijuana can also give the munchies which causes people to eat. People who have Alzheimer's do not want to eat so buy smoking they would want to eat and increase there longevity.


Vilese11 said...

I think that it is good that you're showing different aspects that marijuana could help someone in. Personally, I didn't know that marijuana could actually help those with Alzheimer's disease.

Elizabeth said...

If you go to the links it shows many ways that it can the main way being that the active ingredient in marijuana stops the redness of the brain and helps the patients remember more longer.

Mike said...

I've actually seen something on the news about how marijuana could benefit the slowing down of Alzheimer's. I find it very interesting that this drug is good for something. However, if we're talking about preventing disease, may I remind you that SMOKING causes cancer? There are many rumors out there that say that smoking marijuana is unlike smoking cigarettes, which is slightly true because cigarettes contain nicotine. However, regardless if you're smoking weed, crack, cigarettes, apples, etc., it's pretty much the same thing because you're putting carcinogens into your lungs, which leads to lung disease and cancer.
I do like the fact that marijuana leads to the munchies, but honestly, there are better ways to obtain munchies, such as exercising.
Do you see where I'm coming from. Although there are benefits of marijuana, this drug opens up new doors to problems.

Elizabeth said...

The thing is Alzheimer's patients can't exercise and some studies show that marijuana stops lung cancer from spreading, so while you have good points they are easily refutable.

AMIT said...

I think it is legalize now.

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