Should marijuana be legalized?

Friday, October 12, 2007


So I have never smoked pot, as previously mentioned but I have heard that it gives you the "munchies." Basically after ingesting marijuana people have the urge to eat. Some doctors have heard this to and they got to thinking that giving marijuana to people with Alzheimer's was a good idea. Ludicrous as this sounds at first it could actually be a good idea. People with Alzheimer's are forgetful, which means they could forget to eat. If given marijuana they would eat thereby slowing down the rate at which they got sick and allowing caretakers to have one less thing to worry about. Although one would start to wonder if the patient would need less or more care while under the influence of marijuana...Any thoughts? Here are some sights that you can go to to that show some of the studies done on marijuana and Alzheimer's.,2933,148518,00.html


hearth35 said...

In debating the issue of marijuana, supporting its legality based on its effects on Alzheimer's patients is a rather weak contention. Alzheimer's is an irreversible, demyelinating disease of the neurological system. A patient with advanced Alzheimer's will need professional care, and 24- hour supervision. The patient will be forced to eat, and if he refuses he'll be given a feeding tube; therefore, the patient's appetite has little to do with the progression of the disease or the health of the patient.

Marijuana would be much more effective in treating eating disorders like anorexia nurvosa.

Elizabeth said...

I see where you are coming from, but a point I forgot to mention was that research shows that the drug in marijuana actually slows down Alzheimer's.

Ryn said...

Are there any more medical uses for marijuana other than to increase the appetite of Alzheimer's patients? Any care home would not leave eating solely up to the affected individual. If these people are that bad off, to where they can't even remember to eat, they're going to have a full time caretaker who will make sure they're eating. I believe that marijuana should be legalized, but this is not a strong argument.

Elizabeth said...

There are many more diseases that can be helped with marijuana, I talk about them in my latest blog.