Should marijuana be legalized?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Theory...everyone has one and unfortunately I am going to subject you, the reader, to mine. I think that marijuana should be made into a drug, like morphine, one that you need a prescription to get. I realize that it will still be used illegally but the people who need it will have access to it without having to fear the law. Legalization became such a huge debate when research was done to show all that marijuana could do to help people who were suffering. Until that time there had been no question that once marijuana was illegal, it simply was. In order to close the debate concessions need to be made by both sides. The side against needs to realize that marijuana is not all bad but the side for needs to realize that there are some pitfalls to marijuana. I think that this is an issue that can be resolved in a way that will make both sides happy.


Alcohol 101 said...

To legalize marijuana as a medical drug is a small step in the right direction. The only issue would be the distribution of the now legal drug and to try and keep people from selling it on the street. It would be no different from the assortment of pills that can be boughten in a pharmacy so it could in theory work. The only issue with it is that a drug (marijuana) that has the same or less negative effects than alcohol and tobacco should be legalized and taxed like any other legal substance.

Elizabeth said...

I agree with you completely. Hopefully the taxing will help the economy!

Kryssi said...

Hey, I agree with your theory completely, but how would you regulate marijuana so that it wouldn't be used illegally?


Elizabeth said...

The thing is like every other drug it will be used illegally. I am willing to bet that you have used a drug illegally, alcohol or tobacco underage and if not you then many of the people in our class. It is just important that the people who need it can have it with out the threat of the law.