Should marijuana be legalized?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Some links that I find helpful

My side:These are some websites that I have used that helped me come to my conclusion that legalizing marijuana for medicine is a good thing.This website is really good for finding out about some of the legal issues that have come up throughout the fight for legalizing marijuana. This website shows some of the ways that marijuana can help people that have illnesses deal with both the illness and its side effects.
This is another good website dealing with some of the uses for medical marijuana.
This website talks about what got me interested in this subject, the way that marijuana helps people who have Alzheimer's.
This is a list of the medical benefits marijuana has.
Other side: These websites do not support the legalization of medical marijuana, instead they are against it.
This website is a website for teens and young adults warning them about the dangers of marijuana, some of the things they are saying directly contradicts the other research that I have done.
This website is against legalization but some of the things on there are crazy. It says that drugs and violence go hand in hand with pictures of terrorists, it seems to me that the site is implying that if one uses marijuana one will become a terrorist.
This website simply argues against legalization with some facts that while they appear to be scientific contradict a lot of the other things I have read.
For and against: This is a really good website that includes both reasons for and against the legalization of marijuana.
Facts: This is a website that provides you with facts and figures although it is from the government that is against legalization so you have to wonder if they are leaving out what could be there for legalization.

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