Should marijuana be legalized?

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Though some people say that smoking marijuana causes cancer (although many other studies say that it does not), many other studies show that it actually can stop the spread of cancer as well as help with some of the effects of chemotherapy that can be harmful to the health of the patient. Marijuana had been proven to help fight brain and lung cancer. With all of the conflicting studies out there about how marijuana effects cancer patients it is obvious more research needs to be done but it appears that cancer is yet one more thing marijuana can help with.


Robert Marley said...

Not only can marijuana be used as medicine for cancer, but it can be used for AIDS patients to invoke eating as well as being the only proven medicine to treat Glaucoma.

Anne said...

I understand that you are supporting marijuana for medical use, but how do you propose that we go about implementing this idea? You would obviously have to be discriminatory towards different situations, but how are you going to lay out who gets to use it and who doesn't?