Should marijuana be legalized?

Monday, October 15, 2007

So What?

Another question, kind of short- If marijuana is legalized how many more people will smoke than already do now? It seems to be that marijuana is pretty easy to obtain so legalizing in will actually not do any harm in that it is already obtainable so more members of society will not be effected than already are. The government reports that marijuana is the most used illegal drug although not as common as one might think. 37.7% of high school students reported smoking at least once a month. If that is high school imagine the amount of college students that smoke, those who have just gotten there freedom! In fact according to some, while illegal, marijuana use seems to be increasing. Is it really going to change anything to legalize it? Once again-thoughts?


trailrunner89 said...

I don't think tha legalizing marijuana will dramatically increase the amount of people who smoke currently. For one, as you stated, marijuana is already easily obtainable. Also, legalizing it would bring the pressure off people to who try to act cool by doing something illegal. By legalizing the drug, only those who actully want to smoke it would.

Elizabeth said...

I never thought of that, interesting point.